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Friday, July 17, 2009

Imaginary Vacation

I am planning an imaginary vacation. Well, actually, I am planning two imaginary vacations but working on the details of only one right now. I want to travel, I have this deep seated need to travel. I hate that I haven't traveled very much. Ok, actually I know I have traveled more others have. I have been blessed to have gone to both Maui, HI and Disney World plus multiple trips closer to home in CA and Vegas. But that's like 4 states out 50 and besides Mexico I haven't left the country. And yes my cruise to Mexico was great and another opportunity that others haven't had but I want more. So I know I am broke right now but I have a little time on my hands and so I am planning a couple of road trips across and around the United States. But because I can't say when I will go I am calling them imaginary vacations. It makes me feel better about them instead of saying I am planning a vacation I am not going on.

The first trip is up the west coast. I have previously discussed my affinity of Seattle and so I need to get there. The trip starts here in Phoenix, goes through LA and up Hwy 1. After hitting Seattle I continue north to Vancouver, Canada and across over to Calgary. From there I go south hitting as many states as I can, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and then down through four corners to get back to Phoenix. It looks like it is aprox 85 hours of driving and I think, with time to see stuff in every state I can do it in 13 nights, 14 very full days. I have worked out a general time line and now am looking to see if I actually left myself enough time in each city. Because it is imaginary I can be pretty flexible but because I do hope that one day I can take the trip I am trying to not make the trip too long and the time frames actually work.

The second trip is from Phoenix to Washington D.C. Like my trip to Seattle in this one I would go past D.C. on to Atlantic City, NJ so I can see the Atlantic Ocean and then back again. I thought I new the route but after reading a USA travel guide I think I would prefer Memphis, TN to Nashville, TN so I might make some changes. On the way back I will go through the southern states making sure to stop in New Orleans along the way. When I looked at some general numbers it appears this trip is about the same physical distance as trip 1 but I haven't mapped it all out yet. It would be great if this one was also 14 days but I have a feeling it will be longer.

I am just having fun. Planning vacations, looking at the time and cost of it all. I know that if I start getting frustrated that it is only "imaginary" is the time that I will stop. But for now I love it. I get out my Road Atlas, my USA travel guide, my notebook, my post its and dots, I open my computer and work my way along the road. I research places to stop and take pictures, where to stay and what to eat, and what fun and crazy things can I do. Actually I have fun dilemma, I only have so much time in San Francisco so the Alcatraz tour and then Peir 39 to see sea lions and stop Bubba Gumps for lunch but then I can either walk across the Golden Gate Bridge or go take the tour at the Jelly Belly company. That is a hard decision! And then I try to figure out maybe I can do the bridge the day before but the day before is already packed. And if I leave any later then I won't have sunlight to take pics further up the coast. So I write out post it notes about both activities leave them on the Day 3 page and move on. It is imaginary, I can decide later. :) See how fun imaginary is, no stress about an actual decision since they doesn't actually have to be made right now.

I know its a little weird. And when I start a conversation with my brother with "So while I was planning my imaginary vacation..." he always looks at me like I am crazy. I don't really mind though because I am totally a planner. I need to plan out everything, I've have been getting better about that for vacations but its hard because I don't want to miss something. I don't think on my own I could be totally spontaneous, I would probably live if somebody took me on a vacation spontaneously or didn't tell me where we were going so I couldn't plan; but I would have to really trust them. But actually thinking about it, when i got there I would totally try to start planning things. For instance my brother got in the car and just drove one day; up and around and through several states. He didn't know where he was going, didn't really have a plan just went. I couldn't do that. I don't think either way is the "right" way, they are just different. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable on your vacation.

So I will keep planning my imaginary vacations. Maybe I will blog again when I have more details; the cost of trip 1 or what states in trip 2.

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  1. Sounds fun, I love planning too. We did an East Coast Trip and a West Coast Trip both using Amtrak as a big part of the trips. I would recommend the train with a first class cabin, especially from LA to Seattle if you are not in a hurry.