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Hi, my name is Angela and welcome to my blog. This is a place where I write about my life in an honest and open way.

I am 36 years old, single, and a Christian. God gave me a heart to work with children and so I spend my day teaching kindergarten. It is my fourth year teaching and although it is hard I love it. I currently go to a college for my BA in Elementary Education which keeps me busy. Between work and school there is not much time left but I enjoy serving and helping others, watching netflix, or reading a good book.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Only 24 hours

Time. We all have the same amount and yet we never feel like we have enough. I started a new job three weeks ago. I am working full time for the first time in 4 years. I was able to work part time previously as I was going to school. I had been hoping that with my AAS in Early Education I could get a good paying full time job, not so much. Even though my pay dropped with the additional hours I am making more then I was at my part time job. It is not my favorite job but it is in the field I love so that is enough for now.

Working full time is exhausting and definitely fills my day. However now I want to get my BA in Early Education. The problem? Can I handle this much to do in a day/week. I have always struggled in the past with working full time and going to school. I don't want to go and then drop out. I want to succeed and with that I need to be aware of my history with school.

Right now I am looking into Ottawa University. They offer online classes and they are 8 week courses which is exactly what I want. There is a discount because I graduated from a Maricopa Community College. If I go full time it will take 2 years but full time is a lot of work. Plus I will have the student teaching I will need to do. Which reminds me I need to find out how long those are.

At work I don't get a break. I work 8 hours straight through, which yes is legal here in AZ. This means I don't really have a lunch break. Sometimes I eat with the kids but not always as I float from room to room right now. This means that I am not always in a room when they are eating lunch. Breakfast is usually on the go. Sometimes I do the Ideal Shakes and other times I grab a granola bar or two to eat. My Fitbit (pedometer) shows I am walking over 10K steps a day now. I have doubled to tripled my steps from before. This is all good but I am not really loosing weight. I end up snacking during the day and then binging at night. So I make up my calories and then some everyday. I am hoping that for the fall I will be placed in a classroom making a regular schedule for me. I should find out next week and then figure out a better eating schedule from there.

So that is what is up with me lately. Busy, busy, and may get busier soon.

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  1. Haven't heard anything in awhile...how are you doing?