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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Update

At weigh in this evening I lost 3.8 lbs, which puts me at 258lbs! My waist size went down as well to 50" so that is awesome. If you read my last post you know this week I had food poisoning for 3 days and most of that time I was bloated (both totally annoying.) I managed to get to the gym on both Thursday and Friday this week. So I don't know if the change in weight/body is due to being sick or real weight loss. I really hope those pounds stay off.

Right now I am feeling really conflicted about Curves gym. The first week I loved it, I thought it was great and I was ready to sign up for the year. But now I have a few concerns and questions. First is my heart rate. I mostly stay in the 60% burn for my heart rate and occasionally get into the low 70's. I know for cardio I need to get into a steady 80% to do a really good work out so I have been concerned about my current usage. But most of the circuit is strength training with a 30 sec cardio between so I don't think it makes sense to be at a very high burn. I don't know, I am going to do some research on this. Second, the ladies their love to chat. I try to stick to myself but they try to include me in conversations and I don't want to be rude. But when you have 30 seconds to do specific machine and move on you really have to concentrate. I know I am not getting as good of a workout when this happens but I really just want to focus on what I am doing. I want to bring in my ipod, maybe with that on and having music that I know has a fast beat could help but if I have it loud enough I don't hear the gym's music not only will I hurt my ears but then I don't know that I will hear the "move stations" announcement every 30 seconds. I need to find a polite way to just say "shut up!" I actually saw one woman try to say something subtle about not getting as good of a workout when talking to try to get the other woman to stop distracting her, it didn't work. The other lady just kept chit-chatting, of course she wasn't even on a machine at the time just walking along with the woman trying to exercise so she could have the conversation. One day I even had a woman try to sell some candle burner/night light. I couldn't believe she this was the time, she finished her sales pitch to one woman, started working out next to me and tried to sell it to me, she then tried to get me to stop working out to go over and look at one. I tried to politely say "no thanks." The third problem is the hours. Ok, really I am just annoyed today. Saturday's I babysit all day. I have enough time to go before work so that is what I did last week. This week I knew I was getting off work early so I thought, hey sleep in and go after work. I got home, got dressed, even put on silly socks because today was silly sock day, then I had some gut feeling I should check todays hours before I go, I pulled out the sheet I got the day I started and sure enough they are only open 8-12. I couldn't believe it, only 4 hours. I was so frustrated. I mean, really now that I know I can work around that, always remember to go before work not after on Saturday's.

Overall I love the idea of it, I just go and do and be done. I can do my cardio at home, no big deal. I love that I don't have to fidget with machines they are resistance bands or something so it works harder the faster I do a rep. I love that they are just in a circle so I go from one to the next and that their is no problem with someone being on my machine (actually that isn't always true when people get distracted by talking and don't move) but 9 times out of 10 I just flow to my next stop. It is really close to my house and they are moving a mile away but still not too bad of a drive. So I obviously still need to figure out if I am going to stay with them or not. I have 2 more weeks as part of my 30 days for $30 deal, then I will either have to sign a contract or do something else. So before I do that I think tomorrow I will look up strength training heart rate info, Monday I will take my ipod and try it out, and then the true test wait my two more weeks and see if I am getting the same type of results as I have the last two weeks. I do know from today that it seems easier to go to Curves instead of doing one of my Biggest Loser video's. Mostly because I feel like I can't do any of the exercises correctly or long enough so I tend to feel like a failure when I do those and at Curves I know the equipment and I can just do it and be done. The video's are much harder and burn a lot more calories but if I can still loose weight this way and enjoy it more then that makes sense to me instead of trying to convince myself to put on 30 Day Shred that I don't want to do because I HATE jumping jacks. Like I have literally only done that video one time like months ago and all I can remember is that she wants me to do jumping jacks. I would be surprised that even if one day I reach my goal weight of 150 that I would be willing to do jumping jacks. Oh no! I just realized I bet at that Boot Camp I signed up for they are going to make me do jumping jacks. Man that would suck! Maybe there is an alternative I can do. And yes it is because my boobs are too big to be jumping up and down even when I have the correct sports bra on. I am not made to be jumping up and down like that when their are other options that don't disturb my chest so much. :) I know its silly but I know plenty of women who agree. :)

Alright I think that is it for now. I will leave you with just one more thing, a few numbers I worked out that I am pretty excited about.

Highest Weight: 314
Current Weight: 258
Goal Weight: 148

Lost so far: 66 lbs
Left to go: 110 lbs

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