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Hi, my name is Angela and welcome to my blog. This is a place where I write about my life in an honest and open way.

I am 36 years old, single, and a Christian. God gave me a heart to work with children and so I spend my day teaching kindergarten. It is my fourth year teaching and although it is hard I love it. I currently go to a college for my BA in Elementary Education which keeps me busy. Between work and school there is not much time left but I enjoy serving and helping others, watching netflix, or reading a good book.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Attitude, calories, and school

I hate that every time I post everything is so negative. I don't want to be so angry. I even recognized it while I was posting on myspace, several of the posts are me being so mad at people. I don't think I am that angry but apparently I am if it is so consistently coming out on my posts. I think I need to try to remember to focus on the positives and not the negatives. That is so hard to do sometimes. It is easy to blame my parents, it is their fault because I learned it from them. But now I am older and can't sit in that excuse anymore. Well, I could but I want more than that for my life. 

I know saying it is one thing but doing this everyday is very difficult. It is changing my nature. But I see people who are positive most of the time and wish it was as easy for me as it looks for them. So step one try to make my posts a little more positive. Accentuate the good things in life not only the bad. 

So I am trying to eat healthier or maybe just less. I was trying to figure out how many calories I need to eat. I know they always say 1200 but because I am so overweight it is my understanding I should start higher so my body doesn't think it is starving. I checked out several sites and they all said at about 2000 cal a day I would loose weight. So I have been looking into what I can eat that will work with my crazy schedule. One thing I looked at was the Special K challenge. Did you know if you follow that you will eat aprox 1000 cal a day. No wonder they say you will loose weight. So I went shopping and found some good food. And I found a free site I can track my food on. Yesterday I tracked what I ate and I think 2000 cal is a lot of food. But I don't understand if 2000 cal is more than I normally eat then why am I already not loosing weight? Maybe it is the type of food that I eat. I will continue to watch and track my eating. I haven't yet started exercising yet but one thing at a time. 

School is going fine so far. Last friday I had an essay due which I waited to do till Thursday night, that wasn't the best idea. I ended up with 2 hrs of sleep for friday. I stayed caffeinated and didn't have too much of problem. Yesterday I had an assignment for my bib interp class which I did all wrong. I didn't know it was wrong till I went to turn it in and my homework didn't look like everyone else's. But just one assignment and now I will pay much more attention to the instructions on future assignments. The teachers are both pretty cool so that makes class good. 

I seem to have run into a problem with getting the tuition paid though. I had mentioned that my company is paying for the tuition and then I have to pay the extra fees. They wanted me to pay the fees by the 31st. I have been working overtime last week and this week so I will be able to pay it on the 6th. Hopefully that will be ok. And then I found out it takes 30 days for the tuition to be paid. I don't know why it takes so long since the classes and tuition was already approved doesn't a check just need to be cut. My concern is 30 days would be feb 15th and then if they only mail a check at that point it be another week till they get it. I guess I need to talk to the school again about this now that I know a little more. I am just worried it won't be ok, but there isn't anything else I can do. I don't have the money now. But I really think God wants me here so I think it will work out. 

Time to go to work - I have 4 hours of overtime. 


  1. Good for you on choosing your attitude. Being positive isn't easy; most of the time, people around us are so negative that it's hard to keep a positive outlook. I applaud you for being aware and doing something about that.

    Also, congrats on your efforts to eat healthier. I think journaling what you eat is a great idea! I didn't think I was eating that badly until I started writing it all down. Yes, 2000 calories is a lot of food, but it's all in what you are eating to get those calories and when you are eating. The meal plan I was on this fall was only 1400 calories. While I didn't enjoy that part, I did learn to eat a small meal or snack every 2 hours or so. I stay fuller and end up eating less junk. Just some thoughts for you. I am glad you are enjoying school, even if you are getting little sleep. I hope to see you soon! I miss you!

  2. Angela - I just want you to know that you have a friend praying for you. You probably do have a ton of anger in you, maybe some walls, maybe a lie or two creeping around in your heart. I have been there! You know, someone told me once that 99% of our anger comes from a lie we are believing. Ask God to show you if there is one that needs the truth - healing...sin?

    Love ya sister!

  3. A lot of food isn't bad. Healthy eaters eat lots of small meals - or snack- all through the day, not just eat the big three. Eating lots of little meals should keep you from getting to that "I'm starving" place and help you get through all that good food you're getting.

    I'm always available for help on your assignments, if you want.

  4. Hey, Angela, so nice to see you blog! I'll have to start reading you! I did that "Special K challenge" thing to try to lose weight after my first baby, and let me tell you I was STARVING. Two tiny bowls of cereal for the first 2/3 of the day isn't enough to keep you going. I hope you do well on your weight loss! You are inspiring me!