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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gazelle Intensity

Originally written on 4/19/2011.

Either you know exactly what I am talkin about or you have no clue. So for those that don't know it is a Dave Ramsey statement. Who is Dave Ramsey? He is the latest financial guru and is also a Christian. I have been going through his financial freedom class at Living Streams Church sunday mornings. One of his things is paying off your debt with a gazelle inensity. As in when a gazelle is running away from a lion so it doesn't become dinner. You should go after your debt with the same intensity as the Bible does say "A debtor is slave to the lender." (I am paraphrasing here.)

I have been doing this. I have been working as much as I can not passing up any oppurtunities unless I really have to. A couple times I have even booked babysitting jobs back to back with no break in between. Then when I realized I needed a new car I started looking for new oppurtunities. The problem is that I am worn out and exhausted. Sunday morning I woke up late and turned over and went back to sleep; I slept 15 hours and I wasn't even sick.
Last night I got home from nanning at 10pm and left the house at 5:30am. I have this app on my itouch that tracks how restfully I sleep and I didn't sleep well at all last night. In fact it looks like I was awake for a half hour because I was moving so much but I don't remember being awake. I think it's the worst I have slept in awhile. Though last night I ate Taco Bell right before bed so maybe it was that.

Really the problem is I start eating out a lot more and buying gas station soda's more often when I feel run down like this. Even now I am sitting at an Islands restaurant eating lunch and breakfast was curtousy of circle k. So I am making more money but just spending it almost as quickly as I earn it and I am eating even more unhealthy this way too.

So I need to slow down. This gazelle is too tired and needs a break. I have paid off one credit card and payed off a line of credit I had out. I still have plenty of debt but nothing is past due and I have a budget that will keep me working toward my goal. Ok, the only thing past due is my home loan but I couldn't pay that even at gazelle intense so it doesn't really count.

So for now time to pay my bill and head back to work.

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