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Monday, August 1, 2011

Boats and grocery stores (part 1)

Dear world...well at least that is how my nephew thinks I should start my blog when I said I didn't know how to start it. Today is day seven in Iowa, it is Monday and today we were mostly lazy and sat around the house all day. I did go run some errands with my sister this evening. The first stop was to Schnuks grocery store to deposit our bottles. In Iowa when you buy a soda bottle, can, or liquor you pay five cents at the register and then you get the five cents back when you take it back to the store you bought it at.

Next we went to the Aldi grocery store. Now this place is interesting. First you have to make sure you bring a quarter because all of the grocery carts are locked up. You put in a quarter and it unlocks the cart and then when you are done shopping you lock it back up and get your quarter back. All of their stuff is still in the boxes, like fresh and easy does which is no big deal. But you get bags unless you buy them, I didn't see any for less than a dollar. You can instead use the boxes that the products are in if one is empty. They have cashier's but they are sitting. At first I thought that would be awkward for them but it isn't because they just put the cart right next to the register and just drop everything in the basket after they scan it. They then have a counter against the wall where you can then put everything in order after the mess they have made. I don't think I could work for a company like that, i couldn't just throw people grocery's around. Ok, the eggs did come home all whole so they didn't really throw them but they were pretty ruff. Overall a weird experience. I kind of which I had taken pics but it was all so weird plus how rude would that have been, taking pics as if I had never been to a grocery store.

This weekend we were pretty busy. There is not much to do in this small town but my sister was able to find plenty to do. :) On Friday night we all rode what they call the Channel Cat.

It is a boat on the water. It is run by the company that does the buses but I wonder how many people use it like a bus? The Channel Cat has four stops two on each side of the river (or two in each state as it happens to be.) We got on near several little shops and bars, port two (which was closed when we rode it) stopped at the John Deere Pavillion (all the tourist sites say this is the place to visit though I have decided tractors aren't that exciting for me.) The third stop had what we had heard was a large gift shop, which there was but really it was full of weird odds and ends, looked like a consignment shop, I am not sure.

It was 30 min till the next boat came and we were done in the gift shop in less than 10 min and the bad part is there is nothing else around to see there so we just kind of hung around outside waiting for the boat.

The fourth stop we didn't get off at because there wasn't time but it appeared to just be a bar and casino so not much their either. The kids got whiny on the long boat ride (30 min each way) but that is what kids do. Seeing the Quad Cities from the water was a unique experience and so pretty.

After we got back to where we started we went to get some dinner at Rudy's Tacos. This place is the place to go for mexican food in the Quad Cities. In fact the family I was sitting near on the plane were already planning what they were going to get there before the flight even took off.

Most of us got the Taco Salad Supreme, which was delicious. Some of the nephews went with the enchiladas and then we also got a tamale because my niece hadn't tried one yet. The food was great and was a great price.

After dinner we were all stuffed and walked around to look at the shops. Unfortunately at 7pm on a saturday they were all closed but it was nice to walk around.

Before I go onto Saturday I am going to cut this post off as I see it is getting long with all the pics. I will make a part 2 to go with it.

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