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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Street Fairs and Birthday Parties (part 2)

This is the continuation of my previous post about my weekend. I split it between two post because with the added pictures it gets kind of long.

Every year in Davenport they have the Bix 7 race. It is like how we always have the PF Changs in Phoenix. This race is only seven miles long though. Runners come from all over the world, Nigerians won both for male and female times. They also have a bike race as well. It was interesting to see buses and trucks modified to carry six or more bikes. After the race is a street fair. So in the early evening we headed down to the street fair to look around.

Overall the street fair was pretty small. About two blocks of goods and one block of food. But that made sense being a small town of course they would have a smaller street fair. I am just used to the Phoenix ones that go on and on. I even gone to a couple in Prescott that were bigger than this one, though people from Phoenix and Tucson drove up to show stuff there.

Kalvin and Josh did find some new glasses which both of them were looking for.

Right off the street from the fair is the Davenport SkyBridge. It is a regular bridge but the walls are all glass so you can see out. Out the windows are some very beautiful sights.

After the SkyBridge went to find something to eat from the street vendors. The new thing at this years fair was the deep fried gator with cajun fries so all of the boys got some. I tried a piece and honestly their isn't any way to describe it. It's not like chicken or some other animal. It is definitly it's own unique flavor. Not bad just different. The only thing left to do was listen to the band but they were a cover band and the singer was not very good so we headed home.

On Sunday I had decided I wanted some time to myself. I woke up early, got dressed and went out for a walk. My only plan was to walk to a gas station and get a newspaper to see what they had in it. I had heard there was a church down the street so I headed that way. It was interesting because it was just in the middle of the neighborhood.

A little further down the street I came across this.

And that is when I realized I hadn't seen any fire hydrants in my sisters neighborhood. I wonder how this works, how they get the water to the house?

I continued down the street and passed a few businesses and my nephews new school.

After getting the paper at the local Kwik Shop I decided to go back to a little diner I had passed to have some breakfast. It was a small little diner and it looked like they mostly just had regulars in there.

They were extra friendly to me though also kind of nervous. I would look up from my paper and just look around and they were concerned that I was being impatient with them. I didn't know how to change that opinion of me so I just tried to be polite as possible. I ordered an sausage and cheese omelette with hash browns and silver dollar pancakes. The omelette was interesting because it had two slices of American cheese on it, which I usually don't eat. And then they had taken three sausage patties and just put them inside the folded plain egg omelette. I have always had the sausage cut up and mixed with the egg. It wasn't bad, just different. The hash browns were more like a smashed potato all smushed together. I have seen it this way at Cracker Barrel so I assume that is how the east likes it. The pancakes were a little tough but good. Overall the food wasn't bad but I wouldn't repeat my visit.

That afternoon we had a birthday party to go to. It was my brother-in-laws grandmothers birthday. It can be hard to go a family party when you don't know anyone but it wasn't too bad. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.
Grandma and Kalvin

Josh (my BIL) and his step-dad

Josh, his mom, and grandmother

On the way home we were all very hungry so we stopped at a drive threw. They wanted to go somewhere I hadn't been so it was decided we would go to Steak & Shake. I didn't try a shake but the flavors looked great. I had a bacon cheeseburger and it was great. They had skinny fries and they were crispy and delicious.

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