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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have wanted to try this coupon thing for awhile, even before I heard about the show Extreme Couponing. Though that just spured my desire. About a month ago www.livingsocial.com had a deal in Phoenix to get Sunday and Wednesday paper for 6 months for $20. I thought hey why not, this is my oppurtunity to see if I could/would use coupons to my advantage. I have been getting the paper for about a month and have clipped plenty of coupons and used maybe a handful. This week I sat down with the paper and decided I would try it. Could I use coupons to get things that I use at a good deal?

After looking through my Walgreens and CVS ads I decided to stick with CVS. I seem to prefer them generally anyways. I found the coupons that matched and even pulled a few from a few weeks ago for what I want. Here is how my list went.

New Dial NutriSkin Lotion Sale price $3.88 - $2 coupon
Hydro 3 Razor (which turns out is for men but I figure I can use it too)
Price $8 - $4 coupon and then $4 off next purchase
Hydro 3 Razor Refill Price $8 - $2 coupon and then $4 off next purchase
John Frieda Hair Repair sale price $8 - $5 coupon
John Frieda Shampoo sale price $5 - $2 coupon
plus for John Frieda purchase $3 off next purchase
Tic Tacs Sale buy 2 get 3rd for 1c - $0.75 coupon

In the same purchase I also bought some photos for $10.61 which were not on sale so they kind of throw off everything.

So before tax total cost is $36.38 with an original cost of $67.36. That is a total savings of $30.98 and $18.75 was directly from coupons. Plus $11 off my next purchase at CVS. On my way home I realized I should have purchased everything but the photo's then had the photo's rung up separately so I could get those free but either way I will eventually get the $11 off. So not so bad.

I didn't need anything I bought today, at least not right now. But all of the things I was going to need soon. I bought fancier brand names then I would normally purchase and one of the hair care products was a frill. Oh and I don't eat tic tac's so I am not sure why I got those. But overall that was pretty cool and it was interesting to see what a savings I could get. I figure with the $11 calculated in then I got 2/3 of the price off.

The biggest thing I notice is that often times it is the same things, lotions, razors, and hair care stuff that I could save this way. Although yes I do continually use these products I don't need to buy them weekly. I think that is some of the problem I see on Extreme Couponing. The people just keep buying because it is a great deal even if they don't need it. Obviously I didn't get anything for free and if it was free then sure I could donate it but any way I look at it, seems like coupon's can provide a good savings and it didn't take me much time at all.

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  1. Yay! I'm all about couponing. :) The main premise behind couponing like that is to buy things when they are at rock bottom prices so you don't have to wait until you "need" it to buy it at full price. So, yep, I keep a stockpile. I buy razors and food and shampoo, etc when I don't need them YET. CVS is my favorite store for deals, too :) Have you checked out thekrazycouponlady.com?