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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wendy's Remodel

Last weekend I had some time before church and decided to stop by Wendy's. I normally don't go to Wendy's, I like them but they are a high priced fast food restaurant. So as I drove to the Wendy's that I knew was on my way to church I was surprised to see it. It is on the corner of Greenway and 7th St here in Phoenix. I don't normally pass this corner so I didn't even know they were remodeling.

As I drove up my immediate thought was "Mod. This is totally mod." In fact if it didn't say Wendy's on the outside I would have thought it was something different.

As I went inside I was shocked to see how different everything was. The first thing you see is a casual seating area next to a fireplace. Did the designers know this is Phoenix?

The area where you order reminded me of maybe a Chipotle and Starbucks combined. The food is all clean and ordered up on the board behind the waitress. There was a glass display that had various desserts in it. They even took your name to type into the computer and would call your order when your meal came up. You then went down a little way to wait for your order. This seemed smart as it was often a problem that they would not get the next persons order till the first persons order was given. It was personal but inefficient.

The last time I was at this location, possibly a year ago. They had a new soda machine that has a screen and touch system to get your soda. It automatically adds in different flavorings for you to your selection and provides many more options then the standard machine. The new set up has two machines and the set up for all the other stuff looked really nice.

I had seen the large windows on the outside and wondered if they were really floor to ceiling inside as well. It was and it was pretty cool. I sat in front of the window to eat. They have shades over the windows and they look like they can go up if desired.

Overall I was happily surprised by the new Wendy's model. Everything looked great and seemed like a very casual place to hang out and enjoy a good meal with friends or family.

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