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Monday, March 15, 2010

12 Week Plan

*Disclaimer: I am posting 2 blogs at once. The first covers the past week or so and turning 28 realizations. The second is about my future plans.

So I am always trying to think long term with my health plans. I tend to do a few weeks and then it tapers off like most people. 3 months, 12 weeks, 90 days; it seems so long but in a lifetime it really isn't. So almost a year ago I bought this book called "Fitbook." It helps you do a 12 week plan where you make plan for the entire 12 weeks and then it breaks it down week by week. Then for each day you track your food and exercise. I never really used it. I wanted to at one point but didn't think I was committed enough. But now I think is the time.

To assist and encourage myself I made some encouragements. The first thing I made (I actually made it a couple weeks ago.) is a goal chart. I saw it on a blog I follow called 'Skinny Me' by weightwatcher76.blogspot.com. It is to help me track how far I have come. I made it long enough to cover a 20% weight loss which is a pretty good goal.

The other chart I made covers all 12 weeks and gives me room to not only set my goals but to also chart what I actually completed. I think I have some star stickers I may need to bring out to use on my board.

I have a lot of video's I can do and many times that in itself throws me off since I don't know which I should do. So I decided for each month I will work with 3 specific dvd's. That way I can learn the routine and build to higher difficulty levels on each video. So I made this small chart and put it above my tv to remind me what I should be doing for that given day of the week.

As you see for this month I am doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred on Monday's, Biggest Loser Yoga on Wednesday's, and Biggest Loser Bootcamp on Friday's. I mix it up with straight cardio on alternate days. It is a pretty tough schedule but I do have Saturday's off. Then on Sunday's I scheduled to specifically do the wii fit plus workout, I really enjoy doing that and it definitely mixes up I am doing and brings out my competitive nature trying to beat my previous score on different games.

I keep mentioning that I want to watch my calories to make sure I am staying reasonable. I have the fit book which I can put down the foods I eat through out the day but there isn't room for calorie count. Several of the blogs I read have mentioned SparkPeople.com before. It allows you to track your food, exercise, set goals, and communicate with others also trying to loose or maintain weight. I had always assumed it cost so today I logged on curious what the monthly rate was and it turns out it is free. So I think, at least for this week. I want to track my food on their so I can see exactly how many calories I am eating. It will also tell me all the other important stuff; sugar, fat, carbs, protein, etc that I am getting daily.

So just to keep you updated. Today I ate horrible, Mcdonalds for lunch and Taco Bell for dinner then cheesecake for dessert. But I did start my exercise plan and did 1 hr of wii fit (309 calories.) Earlier today I was bored while babysitting so I also did a 15 min cardio dance video I found on netflix instant. It was alright but some of the moves were confusing. I know it got my heart pumping though so that is good. So 75 min of exercise today.

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