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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 9 - 3lb loss

I know I haven't been blogging lately. See what I had been doing is getting home from work, exercising, taking my shower, and then sitting down to blog about the day. But I haven't been exercising so I haven't been blogging. I read a lot of other blogs about other people trying to loose weight or maintain their 80+ lb weight loss. And they all have this commitment to blog every day no matter what. I have seen them post the good and the bad. I have seen them not have anything else to say so they just post pictures of everything they ate that day. (These bloggers LOVE photo's) Photo's are time consuming though so I don't usually use them. I had the one blog a couple weeks ago where I did include pictures and it was because I wanted to see how much extra time it would take to take pictures, load them on the computer, and then get them to be on my blog the correct way. It did take awhile so I won't make it an everyday thing.

So here I am, I actually just ended week 2 of my 12 week challenge. And honestly so far I am not doing so good. All I can seem to think about is bingeing on bad foods. I can't even tell you how many times I have eaten out this week. Not every day but probably 4 or 5 times this week. And when I say that I mean that I was eating bad food. Friday night I went to Carlos O'Brians for mexican food. So delicious but a billion calories. Today I did Wendy's and I know I went to starbucks and Paradise Bakery at least once this week. And then at night I am also eating poorly, staying late for no reason and then eating more calories than necessary. Intellectually I know that I am doing something stupid but the immediate fix I get from the food I eat somehow because more important. Actually this week while I have been trying to really think about what I am doing I have felt more like a addict than ever before. It is like I need a fix and I try to do things to distract myself from the desire of the fix but it doesn't usually work. Last night I knew I had eaten enough food but I really wanted to eat. Part of me even wanted to go out and find some ice cream. Instead I went over to my brother and sil side of the house and talked with them for awhile. I think it bugged them that I was like interrupting to talk about nothing in particular. But all it did was postpone the eating. Though I think that 30 min did keep me from leaving the house to find food and instead I just ate what was in my fridge instead. I know that when I exercised at night that definitely stopped my late night eating. I was exhausted from working out and when I was hungry after a work out I made good choices. Better choices than what I make now. So there I am again at the fact that I really need to start exercising regularly again.

I work at a school and this week I have it off for spring break. I keep joking with my brother that I should work out 6 hrs a day like they do on the biggest loser. I wonder how much weight I could loose doing that and how much I would gain back after I crashed the next week. I actually stopped to try and figure out what I would need to do. I think I worked it out to 1:30 of different videos and then walk 13 miles mixed in. Or something else crazy. It was a lot of walking. I don't think I will actually do that but I will continue to try and get myself to start exercising daily. I was thinking of going to a couple zoo's and maybe a museum this week so those would be some good walking. I have never been to Out of Africa so I was thinking of doing that tuesday and then on thursday going to the Phoenix Zoo. I love to take pictures so I thought I would borrow my brothers fancy oldschool manual non-digital camera to take pictures at both. And then this week is First Fridays and so the Phoenix Art Museum is open free all day though I kind of want to go see the natural history museum, I don't think I have ever been but was thinking of waiting to take my nephew some saturday I have them instead of going alone. Today while my sister and bil took their 4 oldest kids to Wrestlemania I took Tirso (2y old) to the Children's Museum. I had several people say it would be great for him and I was able to get a couple free tickets from my local library so I thought that was a good deal. It was a lot of fun, I am really glad I could take him. It is only for ages 2 - 10 so it is all focused right toward his age group. There was only one spot that was set up like a grocery store that I didn't think he would understand and would probably try to eat everything and then get upset when he couldn't but instead they had an area specific for 3y and under and he spent forever in that area. So a good two hours spent.

So I finally sent in my Biggest Loser application. I dragged my heels on it forever but decided thursday night I couldn't postpone any longer. So I had one clip I had to do voice over for and then I rewrote my application (I had edited my previous so it had to be rewritten.) Then I had to take a picture. They wanted a picture of me and I don't really have any by myself so I dressed up in a pretty dress, put my hair down, and put on a little make-up. Then with the help of my brother I got a good picture to send in to them. Actually making the dvd was so hard. I had made the video in imovie then had to transfer it to idvd to be able to burn it to a dvd. Well, the first copy cut off my head (my awesome brother figured out that fix.) Then I forgot to change the name so after 15 min trying to transfer to idvd it broke my computer and I had reset. Then it crashed my computer 2 more times. It was 2am, I was exhausted and on my last nerve about to just send the video with no head tried it one more time and it finally worked. Praise the Lord!! I mailed it off on Friday. So maybe I will hear back maybe not but I tried. There are dozen things I feel like I should have done different on the video but I did what I could and I gave them what they asked for and I think I showed me. So we will see.

So as you saw on the title I did loose 3 lbs this week. I am not really excited about it since I gained 6 lbs the week before. Plus I know I didn't do anything specific to deserve a weight loss so I don't really care because I don't know if it will stay or not. So I think that is all I have to say about that. So until I post again. Ta Ta!

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