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Friday, October 22, 2010

HCG - Mental Breakdown

I failed. Yeah that's right I cheated. Tonight I was stressed over money and then somehow in conversation a past boy issue came up. I tried, I really tied. But I failed. It started with one Klondike bar, then went on to a second Klondike bar. Then I was really messed up and went out to McDonalds and had 2 Big Mac's and a large fry. I know, no wonder I am so overweight.

But I did take my spray tonight anyways. I know that long term this is what I need to do. I know that this is what I must do if I want to live a long and healthy life. So tomorrow I will continue with my 500 calorie days. The overeating tonight will set back my weight loss and I know that. I also know that I feel sick from eating so much. I wonder what I will feel like tomorrow. I will let you know how much I gain from this binge.

START DATE: October 15, 1010
GOAL WEIGHT: 160 lbs
P1D1: 260.0 (+0.0) Starting Weight
P1D2: 264.0 (+4.0) After first load day
P2D01: 262.0 (-0.0) I got a sore throat, didn't load as much as I should
P2D02: 259.5 (-0.5) Only counting loss from original weight (cheated, had cereal and ice cream)
P2D03: 255.0 (-4.5) Wow that is a big drop
P2D04: 254.0 (-1.0) Drank a flavored water from Fry's yesterday, wonder if I would have dropped more if I hadn't.
P2D05: 253.0 (-1.0) Followed everything so maybe water wasn't a problem yesterday
P2D06: 000.0 (-0.0) Binge ate like 1000 calories

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  1. "Tomorrow" is always a new day! That's the beauty-a fresh start every morning :)