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Monday, October 18, 2010

HCG - Phase 2 Day 2

Let me say this, this is not easy. I mean sure it sounds easy right? You just spray your mouth twice a day, only have to eat 500 calories and they are planned out too. And supposedly you aren't really ever hungry. And well I guess that is all true but not quite the full story.

For two day's you binge eat. I ate so much on day one I was physically sick. Day two I did eat healthier fats but I got a sore throat so it was hard to eat. And I tried to go to dinner Saturday night but it didn't turn out very well.

Then on day three, which is called Phase 2 Day 1, you stop eating and switch to 500 calories a day. That is difficult! It is this mental game. You get excited to loose weight and get in the right mind frame for it, then switch over to binge eating, and then all of a sudden stop. Sunday I just kept wanting to eat out and had to stop myself. I was hungry through out the day and then in the evening after I had already eaten I was still hungry and so I cheated. I had cereal and a Klondike bar. I know not good. I also realize that half was hunger and half was mental hunger.

Today I have done better. I wasn't as hungry today. I figure my body needs to get used to the change. But here I am in the evening feeling hungry again. It is frustrating. Ok, let me clarify. I am not like starving I am just a little hungry but still its annoying. And I have mentioned before how much I hate going to bed hungry.

Ok so you want to know how it is working so far. First of all I am weighing in the morning because it just works out better. So I started out at 260 lbs, I gained 2 lbs during my load days taking me to 262 lbs. This morning I woke up (so after 1 day of use) I am at 259.5. So I kind of lost 2.5 lbs but I feel like it is only .5 lbs. Either way its not bad especially because I cheated.

For now I think I am going to stop talking about food because it is making me hungry. Post again soon.

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