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Saturday, October 16, 2010

HCG - Phase 1 Day 2

Ok so today is day two of my "fat loading." They tell you to stuff yourself all day and eat lots of fatty foods. Ok so here is what I ate yesterday.

Jack in the Box Ultimate breakfast sandwich, hash browns and french toast

Starbucks: Venti pumpkin spice frappaccino and cheese danish

Felt way to sick so only had a bag of honey roasted peanuts

Starbucks rocky road cake on a stick and small bag of cheddar sour cream ruffles

Two slices of cheese pizza (babysitting and that what kids had)

2nd Dinner:
Jack in the Box: Ultimate bacon cheesburger and large curly fries

Slice of very sugar apple pie

Ok first thing I have to say is what I ate today was totally gross. At some points while I was eating these things I actually felt nausea's at the idea of eating what I was eating. But I kept eating because I am trying to trust the process. But here is where the problem came in: When I woke up this morning as I was laying in bed my heart felt slow. I think that is the best way to say it. I have felt it before when I eat to much fat, its like there is just too much fat in my arteries and my heart is screaming STOP! Ok, its not painful, I am not having a heart attack. It is more like I can physically feel the arteries in my heart clogging. So today I am going to do something different. Today I am going to focus only on good fats.

The list of good fats is pretty random. It's not like I am just going to drink olive oil or eat salmon all day. I did find a woman's blog who felt like I do, that there must be a healthier way of doing this. She went to Whole Foods and got Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, and Flax crackers. So I am going to follow in her footsteps and go do the same. I read walnuts are also good so I will pick up some of those too.

The program I am following comes with a site where people blog and post about what they are going through. I see many people say that it is important to "fill" so you don't feel sluggish your first week but I wonder if part of this is so you get sick off the food to help teach you how unhealthy it all really is. I am going to bet yes on that one. Alright, got to go shopping so I can be done before its time for me to babysit.

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