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Thursday, October 14, 2010

HCG - My order arrived!

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my HCG order. As I said I ordered it on Mon. Monday was a holiday so it should have gone out on Tuesday meaning it would arrive Thur or Fri. But I wasn't sure, the payment is still pending and none of the e-mails actually said that it was shipped but I was hoping. And it arrived today!!

The first step of the program is to eat as much fat as possible for the next two days and then start on the spray on day three. This works perfect because I like to weigh myself on Sat nights. Yes I know you weigh less if you weigh in the morning but then that means if some random point of the day I step on a scale then it will always look like I gained weight; and I don't like that. Also on this program you are supposed to weigh daily but again I don't think I can do it. It is supposed to be motivating to see you loose every day but then if it slows down or stops I will freak out and I don't like freaking out. They say that you aren't really plateauing unless you don't loose for 5 days or more so I figure if I don't loose in a week I will stop and see what I am doing wrong. Oh, did I get ahead of myself. For a woman they say the average is too loose .5 lbs a day. Now because I weigh more I will most likely loose more than that but still the average is half a pound. So that is 3-4 lbs a week or about 20 lbs in the full 6 weeks. Because I weigh more I have decided my goal is to get rid of 35 lbs in the 6 weeks. Now keep in mind the woman I know that has used this lost 50+ lbs in the 6 weeks so it is likely that I will loose more but want to set a moderate and realistic goal.

So for two days I am supposed to "force feed" myself (their words not mine) as much fatty food as I can. So this means all day Friday and all day Saturday I get to eat yummy, delicious, totally unhealthy foods. Ok, honestly I think this might be hard. Even today I forgot to eat lunch because I just wasn't hungry, but I am going to try. Plus it is kind of expensive. I don't have that kind of food in my house right now so really it means I am eating out for two day. Oh, I am totally going to Carlos O'briens for dinner sat around 7pm if anyone wants to join me for a last meal. :)

After the two days I go into Phase 2. During this Phase I use the spray I got today, 2 sprays twice a day. And I only eat 500 calories. They are very specific about the food as well. I get two meals each consisting of the same 4 things: 100 grams protein, 1 fruit, 100 grams veg, 1 melba toast. Only certain proteins, 3 different types of fruit, and about 8 types of vegetables are allowed. It is pretty restricting. So if you know me then you know this is going to be a challenge. I don't like writing down my food and I don't like being told I can't eat certain things. So during this time I am really going to be praying a lot and leaning on God for support. In fact I am kind of looking at this time as a type of fast because I don't think this is not going to be easy for me at all. It will be a true test of my will power at times. But I am glad that I know that and already recognize it.

The injections are normally for 43 days. According to the web site that connects me to others who use this. It says the bottle actually lasts closer to 50 days. Right now my goal is to do 47 days. The reason being is this gives me a full 90 days. If you remember how I made a calendar on poster board for my 90 day goals. So I did the same for this and so 47 makes my calender work out with all three Phases of the program.

Oh yeah and there is one other change. My brothers Wii is broken which means I can't weigh myself on that anymore. If you remember I switched to weighing myself on that because it was a lower number than my scale and seemed a bit more accurate compared to a Dr scale. But without that I am going to weigh myself on my scale. So I just weighed myself I am at 260 lbs, 42% fat, with 36% water weight. ...I just realized I don't know what I should use as my before weight. I was thinking the weight on first day of phase 2 but that is after the fat load so I would be heavier so should I use the number from today at start of phase 1. I will look it up and let you know on my next post. I guess that's it for now.

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