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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HCG - P2D10 Try, Try, Try Again

I haven't posted in awhile and that is because I was trying to figure out what I was going to do. As you know I cheated on day 1, then I cheated on days 6, 7, and 8. I kept going back and forth between quitting and not quitting. I finally decided on day 9 I quit. On Sunday I ate whatever I wanted, I didn't care about the protocol and what I should eat. I was done with HCG and I was happy.

The thing is I was still taking the spray. Part of me still wanted to do it. On Sunday night I took my measurements. My neck is down 1 inch and so are each of my arms! My pants were feeling loose but I was only down a 1/2 inch from the previous week. I couldn't believe it though, I can never seem to loose size on my neck and especially not my flabby arms. So I started looking up more info online. I found several people who had success because they stretched "the rules" a little and still did great. Little things that I thought would help me through.

Chew gum or have hard candy as long as no cal and sugar free it can help with cravings. Drink green tea or take green tea pills to help with hunger. You can eat turkey and tuna. Flavored waters are ok, if no calories (I already discovered that.) Right now I can only eat apple, strawberries, or grapefruit for a fruit but I read that I can eat oranges too, it isn't a huge deal but maybe having a cutie orange when i feel like I am hungry may do the trick. The protocol also says don't mix vegetables, only one per sitting. But I found several people who were successful even though they mixed them to make a more exciting salad, and they still lost lots of weight. I say variety is the spice of life and I think being able to make more choices is going to help me.

I started on Monday with a commitment to do 7 days no cheating. The other thing with this is I am actually, finally, treating it like with my fast. I am praying constantly! When I am hungry, when I am tempted, when I start craving things. I am praying all day long. And honestly it is so much better this way. Before I questioned whether or not God wanted me to be doing this, I really felt like it was a God and satan battle. And so yesterday when I covered this in prayer, when I finally invited God to help me with this choice in my life He was there for me. I am not surprised by this but more like happy that I finally did what I knew I should do all along.

Now is it easy? No it is still not easy. Like I said I was praying all day long. I am hungry often and working with kids I am around food quite a bit at work. I know that this is going to be a challenge. I am hoping that after 7 days my body is more used to the 500 cal days so I don't feel so hungry. I do realize that every time I cheated I was destined to feel hungry the next day.

So on Mon I did not cheat. I ate what I should and this morning it paid off. I lost most of what I gained with the cheating and am now back down to 254 lbs. I will post below my weight chart.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support while I go through this. It is truly appreciated!

START DATE: October 15, 1010
GOAL WEIGHT: 160 lbs
P1D1: 260.0 (+0.0) Starting Weight
P1D2: 264.0 (+4.0) After first load day
P2D01: 262.0 (-0.0) I got a sore throat, didn't load as much as I should
P2D02: 259.5 (-0.5) Only counting loss from original weight (cheated, had cereal and ice cream)
P2D03: 255.0 (-4.5) Wow that is a big drop
P2D04: 254.0 (-1.0) Drank a flavored water from Fry's yesterday, wonder if I would have dropped more if I hadn't.
P2D05: 253.0 (-1.0) Followed everything so maybe water wasn't a problem yesterday
P2D06: 253.0 (-0.0) Binge ate last night, ice cream and mcdonalds
P2D07: 254.0 (+1.0) Ate again, I am feeling miserable on this protocol which makes it hard to stick to.
***** END WEEK #1: WEIGHT (000.0 LBS) LOSS (00.0 LBS/KG) WAIST (000.00 IN/CM)
P2D08: 257.5 (+3.5) Cheated again, this makes 3 days cheated in a row
P2D09: 257.5 (-0.0) Quit the plan, ate nothing on protacol
P2D10: 254.0 (-3.5) Decided to try again, no cheating = loss

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