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Friday, September 17, 2010

Boot Camp Day 1

So I went to boot camp this morning. I went to bed last night at 8pm and I got plenty of sleep before my alarm went off this morning at 4:30am. I was surprised how easily I woke up despite the early hour. I went down to the park, found myself there a little early but soon saw a couple other girls show up. My class only has one other girl in it, which is why they wanted me to join right away. The trainers roommate also joins in the class but is much more advanced than us.

We start our warm up doing 10 squats, 10 pushups, and 10 sit-ups each 3 times. No problem I thought, then she said the sit-ups had to be all the way up. I can't do that, like literaly. I can do crunches 10 different ways but go from laying down to sitting up without using my hands! Your nuts. I guess she is training to be a detective and so for that you have to do full sit-ups so she now thinks its important. I did end up doing them but the last 10 took forever and a lot of my energy and self motivation to get through them.

Next up was a run. I don't know how long it was, seemed like forever but I didn't do too bad. I think my recent 5K training really helped. Though I don't think we even ran a quarter of a mile which makes me feel wimpy. Toward the end my breathing really got labored but I could still take full breaths so I didn't worry about it.

Next up was our actual workout. 100 jumping jacks, 75 lunges, 50 dips, and 25 burpies (jumping to the ground and then doing a push up.) I had to start on the jumping jacks. Have I told you how much I hate jumping jacks? I know I have. I think this was my downfall. All jumping jacks do is stress me out because I hate them and then get my heart rate up. I don't need my heart rate up because once it is up I have stop and get it to slow down before I keel over. I did get through my 100 jumping jacks and then tried to move on to the 50 dips. Normally 50 dips is no problem, it is just working your triceps. But I was already feeling nauseous from the jumping jacks and so as I push myself to do the dips I just keep feeling worse. Mentally I quit at 20 dips but did keep going to 40 dips. At that point I said no more and left.

The trainer was nice about it. Walked me to my car and encouraged me to come back on Monday because we do different stuff everyday. She says she will e-mail me to find out what I want to focus on so she can modify the routine and for me to let her know what exercises I do and don't like. I think I am going to have to mention the jumping jacks to her. Even just walking back to my car I started to realize how dizzy and nauseous I really was. On the way home I had to mentally remind myself I had no interest in throwing up. Even now, after a shower and drinking my iced down gatorade I still feel a little sick.

Now for those of you who the most you have seen the inside of a gym is watching Biggest Loser then I will let you know you are not actually supposed to vomit. I know that Jillian Micheals thinks it is great, even funny. But in reality it is probably because your body is not getting enough oxygen. I remember watching SWAT with Collin Farrell. At one point he is working out so many hours a day he threw up. I thought that was so cool, one day I wanted to work out that hard. And then comes Biggest Loser and they do it on there. But then I did some research, actually its not very good for your body. Means something is wrong. So with that knowledge I knew I couldn't keep pushing myself farther than my body wanted to go.

I do think I wasn't breathing enough. I remember while doing pushups a couple times realizing I was holding my breath. Then with jumping jacks I don't even know if I was breathing with everything moving around so much it is hard to keep track. Here I am at 7:15 am and I realize I should go back on Monday. I need to focus on my breathing and if we do something like this rotation again then see if I can split up the jumping jacks. Maybe if I did 20 at a time it wouldn't have been as hard on my body and I could have made it through everything instead of just the first step and a half. All I know is that I would rather spend two hours a day exhausting my body in the gym then feel that dizzy and nauseous at a boot camp. And yes even that meant I wouldn't loose anymore weight. I think those symptoms are like a yellow light you need to listen not just ignore them. Because listening to my body is more important than loosing a couple pounds.

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