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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phx ComicCon 2012

This year I attended my first Comic Convention here in Phoenix. My brothers have over a dozen in both Phoenix and San Diego. Maybe a dozen in each location for all I know. I had the opportunity and the time so I went this year.

The comic convention is more then just comics, it is much much more then that. It is sifi, anima, and steampunk. There are Lego's, pokemon, zombies, books, tv shows and movies. I would say about one-third of the attendees dress up in costume.

I feel like there are three parts to the ComicCon. First is the booths. There are over a thousand booths that sell items. Books, comics, steampunk items, memoriablia, etc. Second is the celebrities. Each con gets different people. Our con had a large group of Star Trek celebrities including Will Shatner. Though my favorite was some of the cast of Eureka including Colin Ferguson. He was the one star I actually considered getting a picture with, though of course you have to pay for such things and I was trying not to spend any money and so I stayed my distance. Other celebrities are writers of both books and comics that create a draw. The third part, which I think is really the core of the con, are the panels. The time ranges but from about 10 am to 10 pm they have slew of panels for you to attend on different subjects. Maybe you want to debate Edward vs. Jacob or more importantly Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I attended somewhat random panels; zombie brain eating contest, Edward vs Jacob, build your own Tardis, Steampunk 101, Eureka, SG-1, Knit a Jane hat (from Firefly,) ...I think that is it. Not a lot compared to all that they had. I also watched the Zombie walk, that was something.

At first I didn't think I would want to go again. However, I think I do want to go again. I would plan a little better so and do a little more research so I would know a little more about the panels. I would hear about one and then wish I had gone to it. I would also trust my instincts a little better as well about what to attend and not attend as well as when to be early or not. Below are a few of my pictures, you can see more on my facebook page.

I love this author! (Though he is my brother.)

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My SIL and the Dalek

A Tardis or two 
Made out of Lego's

Storm Troopers

Slimer and Ivy? Weird combination.

Steampunk 101 panel 

Steampunk Victorian

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