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Hi, my name is Angela and welcome to my blog. This is a place where I write about my life in an honest and open way.

I am 36 years old, single, and a Christian. God gave me a heart to work with children and so I spend my day teaching kindergarten. It is my fourth year teaching and although it is hard I love it. I currently go to a college for my BA in Elementary Education which keeps me busy. Between work and school there is not much time left but I enjoy serving and helping others, watching netflix, or reading a good book.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1 - Mid Day Post

Today I feel in need of a mid day post. I am sitting at work in the teachers lounge and there is food in here. Little wraps, chips, and lots of cookies. Oh such delicious cookies. They also have a veg tray. It makes me think about how I was and how I wish I would be. See I look at the items and the veg tray is just dismissed. But I wish that it wasn't that way. I wish that I would go to that first. Fresh veggies to eat, great! I have seen many teachers here just take half a cookie, have a cup cake, a sliver of cake. I don't know how they do it, the eating in moderation. It is hard, I know it is hard and I wish I did it better. This morning I woke up and made my first KR smoothie. I started with what I call red. It is actually called Reunn or Joyful and has a flavoring of strawberry, raspberry, and pineapple. There are many things you can mix it with but today I started with 24 oz water, 8 oz orange juice, and 1 banana, this makes a very full blender. The taste wasn't bad, it was mostly strawberries and banana. Drinking it was a little grainy and I could taste that I was drinking more than just juice. But I drank all of it easy. About a half hour later I thought I was feeling hungry but that didn't make sense since many people including the facts on the site say it is very filling. I know that I have been at over 3000 calories a day so I am sure this will be a drop but I shouldn't be hungry so fast. I decided to stop and listen to my body better. So I checked the time, a had plenty before work, and so I laid down on my bed and prayed and just laid their quietly listening to my body. I realized that although the feeling was coming from my stomach it wasn't a hungry feeling but something different. I am not sure I can explain it. I can say it wasn't like I was starving just that something was going on in my stomach. The feeling continued until, like an idiot, I realized I had not had any water and that is one of the huge things they say. So I started drinking water and got busy at work and the feeling went away. I drank it around 9am and at 12:30 I started getting actually hungry. I recently read, and had in the past as well. That you should wait as long as you can to eat lunch, you should feel ravenous before you eat so your body has plenty of time to take care of breakfast before getting something new to process. So I accepted the hunger pains, said a little prayer and kept working. Here I am at 1:30 and now I feel like I am starving. I can even hear my stomach yelling at me for food. So I am going to pause for a min and go make my next KR drink. I am at work so of course I do not have a blender. But I totally wish I did! This time I did the blue mix which Juu Juu or Into the Blue. It has blueberry, blackberry, and banana. I mixed the powder with 24 oz water and 8 oz of POM. I had bought the bottle they sell and added all ingredients to it and shook. This did not work. The powder does not break down in the liquid. It is like when you bake something and add the dry ingredients to wet you often have lumps that you have to get out. Not a problem in a bowl but in a tall water bottle it is a little harder. Ok actually a lot harder. I think I get them all out and then start drinking and find another dry lump in my mouth. The lumps taste just like what I am drinking but it is awkward having dry lumps in my mouth. I need to figure out a better way to do this. Right now I am thinking that I can bring my magic bullet, it is pretty small making it portable. I won't be able to mix all of it but at least I can blend the powder with some water and get it mixed up better. The cups only hold about 12 oz but that should be enough. Besides the lumps this doesn't taste too bad. It is mostly a blueberry and POM flavor. This is much more grainy then the one this morning. It is harder to drink but I think that is mostly mental because on the top on the side there are several lumps as well as being scared of drinking lumps. I do try to remember to swirl it around before I drink to keep it fully mixed. I have drunk about 2/3 of it over the last half hour and I am again feeling it in my stomach. This time it is the different feeling from before combined with a full feeling. I have another half hour before I go back to work so I should be able to finish it before. As I sit here looking at the drink I can't help and think about all of the powder stuck on the sides. It was some true this morning but even more now. I suspect they must have planned for that right? Knew that not every little bit would be ingested. I suppose if I really wanted to I could after I was done just add water, shake it up and then drink it. I do want to do some cardio tonight. The web site encourages exercise and so I want to include that as well over the next few days. Of course afterwards as well. With many fasts you don't exercise though of course this is not a fast it is just a detox program. I think that is it for now. Will update again soon.

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