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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kaeng Raeng Review and on to New Adventures

Overall I am really glad I did Kaeng Raeng. I did the six day beginner program and went from eating total junk to this. My beginning weight was 279.5 my ending number is 270.2 so nearly a 10 lb loss in 6 days. Currently I am still retaining, and have been since day 3, lots of water and am up a pants size due to this. During the process I went #2 a lot which lets me know that hopefully this was actual fat that I was loosing and not just water weight. I know that some of the weight will come back on but hopefully not too much of it. Though I did not do this for just weight loss I did this to help detox my body before I switched to a vegan lifestyle. So on that side of it I feel great. My thoughts seem clearer, besides having to get up to pee a lot I am sleeping much better. I even noticed more energy and will power to do household chores. I have suffered depression all my life, most symptoms are regulated by medication but I still deal with some on my day to day life. Well I think some of those have subsided as well. I like how I am feeling. I would do this detox again but only 3 days, I think 6 days is too many. I also wouldn't do it for many months because I am done with blended drinks for a little while.

As I mentioned before I did this detox as a transition to eating vegan. It is a very healthy way to eat and so I want to give it a try. I am not peta member fighting animal cruelty but I think that our meat and dairy is filled with antibotics and hormones and other things that my body does not need to have. But really it is about not eating processed foods and eating more natural foods. Yes, I could eat vegan cookies and cakes all day but that is not my plan. I don't even plan to have a twinkie which is also vegan. I want to eat more fruits, more veg, more grains, more beans. I even bought a couple frozen meals with tofu in them to try before I try to cook it on my own. But there are just so many options. Soups, chili, burrito's, taco's (with soy meat,) chips with hummus or salsa. All kids of salad variations. It was actually hard to stop and remind myself that I can't try everything the first week and to wait to buy stuff in the future. It took my an hour and fifteen minutes to red labels and find what I wanted yesterday at whole foods. I decided to start at whole foods just to see what they had and compare prices. I work right next to the fancy signature marketplace Fry's and they have a great selection of foods and they actually put stuff on sale so I will most likely find myself there or even at Fresh & Easy for fresh produce. I know that I will struggle with veg as I always have. Even yesterday I only came home with 1 head of broccoli, I can do better.

Today I started my day with two slices toast with chunky peanut butter and a banana. For lunch I went to Chipotle and got soft taco's with rice, beans, tomatoes, and salsa. I should have gotten some guacamole too but it is just so new to me I have to get used to ordering it. I have church tonight so for dinner I am going to do a quick stop at Paradise Bakery. It is not totally vegan but I am going to order their southwest chicken caesar salad and get it with no chicken or cheese. Their is still some dairy in the dressing but I am just going to do it anyways. I have grown up eating ranch and I don't like other dressings. At whole foods I found a ranch with no dairy but I think sometimes this is going to happen. A little dairy isn't going to ruin everything plus I know that I plan on trying new dressings to help me learn to like other options.

The rest of the week should be a little easier because I will just pack a lunch and can go home for dinner. Wednesday's are hard because I have church in the morning, work all day and then church in the evening. But I will figure it out.

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