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Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 5 of Kaeng Raeng Detox

I didn't post yesterday but I will try not to make this too long.

On Day 3, saturday evening, I had tried to make my KR blue taste better by mixing it with blueberries, banana, and soy milk. But I was running late to babysit and so I put in way to much milk. So then when I tried to drink it, it tasted better but it was very think more like a milk shake and less like a drink. It was very hard to get through just cause it was so thick. And then I realized that of course it has a million calories in it because of all of the milk. So I won't do that again.

Day 4 went ok. I had to be to church at 8 am so I brought my morning KR orange with me and drank half on the way and the other half at 9:30 am. I went home and had KR red around 1 pm it was great like normal mixing it with strawberries and orange juice. But then I started getting really hungry around 4pm which was way to early. I managed to hold off till 5:30 to make the KR blue. It was better because I only did 1 cup milk and added 1/2 cup POM, 1 banana, and lots of ice. So it was thinner, it is still not my favorite but it was better now. I drank it so fast, I was so hungry. Really the problem was I was getting cranky because I just wanted to eat I didn't want to make a stupid smoothie. So I don't know why I was so thrown off maybe it was waking up so early. After drinking the KR blue I was fine. I did go out and hang out with my friend all evening so that was kind of a distraction.

An interesting thing I realized about myself, ok I kind of new it already, is my late night snacking. When I go out somewhere babysitting, to a friends, whatever 9 times out of 10 I stop and get something to eat on the way home. After babysitting it is usually ice cream or donuts from convenience stores and after hanging out with friends fast food places.So the last two nights I had to deal with this. After babysitting it wasn't too hard because it is all freeway home. But after coming friends house I take different freeways and end up passing by 2 Mcdonald's, Taco Bell, and a Jack N the Box plus a McDonald's bill board that made me want it even more. I did make it home without stopping and I was so proud of myself. I began to wonder if maybe being in those social situations, that can be stressful for me, even with my best friend, I use eating out as a reward. A good job, you did so well, a way to allow those soothing rush of endorphins or whatever into my body to help me relax.

I didn't get to bed till late, like midnight maybe 12:30. Last night I felt like maybe I didn't need to detox anymore. I am feeling good, my skin is clearing up, it is not hard, besides blue, to drink them. My insides have been calming down a bit and I have been doing great with cravings both from my cabinets and from outside sources. In fact I even felt that way this morning. Why not just keep the 2 days worth and do in a month or something. I decided not to, it is just two more days. But honestly even now I feel like it did what it needed to and I am good now to move on to the next step.

This morning I didn't wake up until 11 am. Still unsure of what I was going to do I drank 24 oz of water before eating anything. I then, with the prod from my sister in law I went and mixed my first drink, KR blue. I wonder if that was part of my hesitance knowing I was drinking that one first. Though on the flip side I actually forgot to but a KR orange in one day or maybe it was extra but I think I forgot it and so tomorrow if I really don't want to I can just have two KR orange and one KR red. I know that the blueberries provide an amazing antioxidant and so I should really still do all three but it is so gross. I don't know I will decide tomorrow. I have decided that tomorrow instead of trying to mix while at work, I have a two hour break M-Th so I will just come home and blend. I usually don't come home because it is a 15 min drive each way and the cost of gas just isn't worth it but I think this time it is for a drink that will taste great.

Because I ate so late I have no idea when I will be hungry again. Hopefully not too late. I don't want to drink the third one too close to sleeping. I will let you know tomorrow.

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