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Hi, my name is Angela and welcome to my blog. This is a place where I write about my life in an honest and open way.

I am 36 years old, single, and a Christian. God gave me a heart to work with children and so I spend my day teaching kindergarten. It is my fourth year teaching and although it is hard I love it. I currently go to a college for my BA in Elementary Education which keeps me busy. Between work and school there is not much time left but I enjoy serving and helping others, watching netflix, or reading a good book.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Day Off

Today was my day off. I did no homework today. I have also been eating all day today. Though every meal was vegan, well mostly. I knew my day was going to be busy after my frustrating last night I just needed some time. I nearly didn't make it out of bed but somehow convinced myself. I got dressed and made it out the door to go to my woman's bible study. On the way I stopped at QT and got three donuts. Yes you heard me three. No caffeine though, I had filled my cup with pink lemonade before I left the house. This was my one meal that was not completely vegan. I am sure there is milk and possibly eggs in the donuts. They actually gave me a sugar high that was not enjoyable. I did not feel well and when I was sitting in church praying with my head down I started getting dizzy. It was a reminder of why I didn't need that much sugar.

Once a month during my group we spend time focusing on a series of verses and then just sit there in silence listening to the Holy Spirit. It is pretty cool and if you have never just sat in silence listening for the Holy Spirit I recommend you try it. Find a passage, read it a couple times and then open yourself up to God. Today we read John 20:19-29 and the word God just stuck out to me was "Peace." Jesus repeats "Peace be with you" three times during this set of verses. And I thought that is exactly what I need. For the last 25 days I have been in a peace with God. There have been struggles along the way, no doubt, but have been leaning on God and had peace with that. Until I saw a grade I did not like and I threw it all out the window. I became frustrated and angry when I should have instead fallen to my knees and prayed for peace with my teacher. I know that going forward as I plug my tv back in I need to remember that God is my peace. That I don't have peace from binge eating or from zoning out watching some fake life on the screen.

So bible study was great. Then we met in our small groups which I just love mine. All the girls in it are so nice and lovely. It is wonderful. I went to work a little to giddy. Everyone kept wanting to know what was up with me. "Just happy." I would reply. On my break at work I decided to head out. I was still craving a burger and fries, as I have been for days now. So I thought lets fix this. I remembered that Islands has a veggie burger as well as fries cooked in vegetable oil; the perfect fit. So I went. I ordered a standard Maui burger but had a veggie patty substituted and of course no cheese. Of the many meals I have tried this month I was not very scared to try this one. For my first veggie burger it was great! It really satisfied my need for a burger and the fries of course were wonderful. I have no idea how many calories were in it but I didn't really care today. After lunch I headed back to work to finish up the day.

Today is the 25th and if you remember I had given up tv for 25 days. The fast, pray, worship Living Streams has been doing was coming to an end so they had a concert. Let me tell you it was definitely a concert of praise and worship to the Lord. I could not believe how many people showed up, the place was packed. I think even all the pastor's were surprised by the number of people. And for an hour we just sang to the Lord. It was amazing young and old and everyone in between just praising God. You could definitely feel the Holy Spirit in the church. At the end, just like a concert, we did not want it to end. The music pastor, exhausted from an hour of singing, pulled out a little more strength and lead us in one last song. Afterwards you couldn't help but feel closer to everyone in the room.

Before the concert I wanted to grab something to eat. I had seen a little market at 16th st and Bethany Home Rd so headed there to see what I could find. I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips made only from beans, they had no corn in them. They were very good, though a little peppery. I ended up eating about half the bag on the way to church. Then when I got home I pulled out my hummus from the fridge and finished off the rest of the bag.

I did make one stop on the way home that...I may regret later. I wanted some ice cream, soy of course. The fresh and easy on the corner of Greenway and 32nd st, my closest one, is closing. I had stopped there the other day and everything was 25% off. I thought great I will go get some ice cream for 25% off that is a good deal. When I arrived the sale was now 50% off. I have now seen exactly what stores will look like after the apocalypse. Most of the store was empty there were shelves that just had empty boxes lying there. Some shelves had just one or two things and nothing seemed to be in any order. Things had been picked up here and dropped there. I think it was a combination of my good mood from just praising God and then seeing others with carts full of food. I tried to just get my ice cream but I just kept thinking, I could save money! And so I succumbed to the sale.

There is a container company called Sistema. They are actually based in New Zealand but their product is so great it is all over the world. It is pretty expensive per piece. Well Fresh and Easy, being a company from England started selling them. Every time I walk past them I want them but they are pricey. But now they were half off! Plus I already had $20 ear marked for storage containers because I am using a lot more now that I am cooking more and eating more fruits and vegetables. I just couldn't walk past so I bought a whole bunch of them. Even at half off more that $20 worth probably closer to $50 worth. But I remind myself that they will last much longer then some of the zip lock brand containers I have bought in the past. It is an investment, right? I did stock up on some fancy Japanese noodles that I wanted but thought too expensive at full price. Plus some rice, maple syrup, and ghiradelli semi-sweet chips that are vegan. The busiest aisle was the one with the wine but I don't drink so I didn't even go down it. The scary part is that they don't take the half off until after you hit check-out so the total just keeps getting higher and higher. The woman checking out next to me was over $350 when I last glanced at it. Oh and I did get the last half pint tub of soy ice cream they had.

So that was my day. I don't where to start with my calories and I need to remove stickers from and wash all of the Sistema I just bought. But first I think I will take a shower and head to bed. I will worry about that tomorrow. :)

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