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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A fresh week

Monday 2/8/20

I didn't work out all weekend. I just kept thinking today how hard it was going to be to exercise again today. I knew it was what I needed to do so I did it. So today was really good. I ate great and I exercised a lot (details below.) I am happy I am starting this week with such a great start.

Yesterday I wasn't awful or anything. I ate a good breakfast. When I have my older nephews on weekends I like to go out to lunch on Sunday's after church so we went to In-n-out. If you remember I ate there last wed too. I ordered the same thing, probably had less fry's as that is all my 2 yr old nephew will eat. For the life of me I can't get him to eat a hamburger. But I also ordered a vanilla shake. I ended up with gas and a stomach ache later. Since it didn't happen on wed I am sure it was the ice cream. I was thinking maybe I just ate too much between the hamburger and the shake but I was definitely burpee so maybe it was something in the ice cream. I'm not really sure. But I resisted going to taco bell for dinner (I did not want to feel bad again) and had a good dinner.

Today went great with food. I ate healthy stuff because I like it. I am currently eating 3 meals a day and sometimes a snack at night after my workout. I am staying around 1200 - 1500 cal a day. I wasn't hungry at all today except normal times, right before dinner, after my work out. At work in the lunch room I was feeling a little tempted. The room smelled like pasta and their were cookies and cupcakes on the table for grabs. So I immediately just took my book at sat outside for the first hour. Then I went back in so I could eat my lunch. But at that point it wasn't a problem because I had good food to eat and fill me up.

Tonight I had a full line up of tv: House, Heroes, then Castle. I love them. I tend to eat at 7pm so I just watched House. Up next was Heroes. I don't know if you watch it but it is very visual, especial when Hero, one of the characters, talks since he speaks japanese so you have to read it. I thought about doing one of my Walk Away the Pounds dvd's but I knew it wouldn't work. My thoughts went to the stepping option on the wii fit you can do while watching tv. My brother and sil were in their living room so I pulled out my own step. I was aiming for the whole hour but think I did about 40 min with starting late and a phone call I had to take, and resting. And I don't know how many steps it was, I know less than on the wii fit as this is twice as tall so more difficult but I was definitely sweating. During Castle I could be more distracted. I get Fitness magazine and they always have exercises you can do. Well today was the first time (I have been reading that magazine off and on for a decade) that I actually followed one. It was 6 exercises supposed to work your arms but I felt like my abs were worked more. Don't get me wrong it was definitely difficult but I didn't feel like pushing myself. I did each exercise at 12 reps 3 times but I wasn't really shaking or anything by the end. I may try it again or the other options they have this month. After Castle was over I wanted to do a little more. So I started my Biggest Loser Yoga dvd. Let me tell you this is no easy yoga. As I mentioned with the other one they have it set as a 6 week program so you start with 20 min and then work up. I thought, the last one I did the whole thing why not this one. I was SO wrong. By the end of the first 20 min I was exhausted and sweating. Some of the exercises I couldn't even do because I am not strong enough yet. Like half way through I was thinking that anyone who is thinking of going on the show should totally have to do this video first. I would fall to the ground and I would think about how if I was on the show I would so be screamed at right now for not keeping the pose. And I couldn't quit after 20 min I would have to do whatever full day crazy routine. I think the yoga video has cured me of my desire to go on the show. It was so funny how quickly I changed my mind (they are accepting videos right now and I keep considering sending in a video and leaving it up to God.)

There was a flip side to the video though. Although it was so hard it scared me. I was also watching the contestants that were demonstrating the moves. These were contestants that appear from 2 different seasons mixed together it looks like it was taped mid season 6. One was Ali, from season 5. She lost all her weight and has kept it off. And then you look at some of the other girls like Vickie and Heba, from season 6, and both of them are still big and huge "batwing" arms. And in my head I just kept thinking I want to be like Ali and not Heba and then I couldn't hold the poses and it was frustrating. So then I was frustrated and although I was exhausted and tired I made myself get up and started one of my WAP video's and walked a mile. I was able to complete it no problem, difficult but I didn't give up or anything. So now after a shower and a glass of OJ I am feeling a bit sore in my muscles. I know that the steps and the walking video were just cardio. That the magazine ideas and the yoga video is what really worked my muscles. I think in total I exercised for about 2 hrs today.

So altogether a great day. Now I am exhausted am going to go crawl into bed. I can't believe I stated up till 1:30am again. Still got to work on that.

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  1. WOW! Nice job!! You're a rock star!!! 2 hours?!?!?!