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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 4 - 4 lb loss

Saturday 2/20/2010

So today was weigh in day. I lost 4 lbs and 1 inch this week. This is amazing...however I did not exercise at all this week. Last Sunday and Monday I went way over on my calories. Now I was sick this week so for a couple days I barely ate anything. And even today I pretty much forgot to eat all day till I got home. So I am hoping some of this was cary-over from last week or maybe due to less calories mid-week. However I have a feeling that some of this is water weight as I didn't drink much water today either.

I do know that I don't want any more "cheat" days because it just throws everything off. I think it is fine if maybe one out of seven days I eat more calories than other days but it is never ok for my body to eat bad foods no matter what day it is. I know I was getting too wrapped up in the "cheat" day thing going all out eating the worst. But sometimes I will eat out or forget to pack a lunch or whatever, I think these high calorie days will come naturally so weekends are now to be like weekdays. Yes that means starting tomorrow. I didn't have time to pack a lunch today but I need to remember to tomorrow. I need to make healthy choices all day. I also need to exercise again. It has been 8 days since I purposely worked out. That is too long, it is understandable that I was sick and then had taken on some extra money making opportunities. But I can't let getting sick stop me now!

I had mentioned to some of my friends about applying for biggest loser (I need to use them as references so they kind of needed to know.) And I was mentioning to one friend how much I have already lost since January. So one of the guys of course mentioned that I will have to stop loosing if I am going on The Biggest Loser. It's almost true since they want you to have to loose over 100 lbs and I have about 120 to go. At this rate I could easily (not actually easy) loose the 20 by May when they plan to start taping the next season. It almost makes me wonder if I really need it since something seems to have finally clicked for me. But it doesn't hurt to try and if I did make the show it could be a great oppurtunity. But again I remind myself, 250,000 people apply every season.

So this week I will work my butt off again to ensure I see no gain on the scale next week. But for now, Yea 16 pounds in 7 weeks!! That's a little more than 2lbs a week!

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