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Monday, December 5, 2011

Secret Santa = cookie fiasco

I should again be sleeping and yet here I am writing to you. I blame my nano habit of writing daily for 30 days, now it is a habit I don't want to break. But hey that just means I am telling the world more about my crazy life.

I had mentioned before how I am doing a gift exchange at work. The idea is week 1 a $0 gift, week 2 a $1 gift, week 3 a $4 gift, then on the friday of week 3 a $10 gift with the reveal of who you are. I was feeling confused about what to get my person but finally figured it out. My $0 gift was two books from my bookcases. One I had no problem parting with but the second my pack rat side tried to keep it. Luckily I have plenty of experience keeping my pack rat in its cage and so I wrapped up the books and took them to school. The girl had said she like books with humor or self help. So i gave her a little book of Dr. Seussisms and a devotional book from Women of Faith. It is the later I had a hard time giving up but I have owned it for four years now and haven't read it so it must not be that important to me.

Next up on the list is the $1 item. I decided I would bake her some cookies. She said she liked chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies. I had most of the ingredients at home, rather my brother and his wife did. So I bought some chocolate chips and macadamia nuts. They were a bit over a $1 but I figured I wasn't actually giving her all the cookies so it evened out. This evening I attempted to make cookies, this did not go over very well. My first batch of cookies were very runny. I knew it didn't look right but didn't know how to fix it since i followed the recipe. I put them in the oven and they came out as flat as nickels. Not what I was looking for. So determined to still make these cookies I found a different recipe, from toll house cookies. I made the dough and it looked great. I put the dough on the pans and stuck them in the oven. They too came out flat as nickels. I read the internet and realized that my butter must have been too soft. The internet recommended putting the dough in the fridge to make the butter harden. I left in for a full hour and after cooking the cookies they still came out flat. So now I have nearly 5 dozen cookies that all look horrible. They taste pretty good and the ones I put in the fridge are greasier then the ones I didn't put in the fridge.

I don't seem to be too upset about. Mostly just disappointed. I will just stop by Fresh and Easy on the way to work tomorrow and pick up some chocolate covered raisins which were also on her list. They will be a couple dollars but whatever.

I think the only part really bugging me is that it was a waste of time. I am still winding down from the Nano stuff and I only seem to have so much energy to do stuff. Which I know is stupid but true. So i decided tonight to focus on doing the cookies and spent a couple hours doing that. But it was a waste. That time would have been better spent cleaning the fridge I need to move to the kitchen, or doing my laundry, or doing the volunteer project I said I would do and have been putting off. I could have even cleaned the bathroom which needs to be done. Instead I have a 5 dozen cookies that I can't give away because they look so bad and no one in this house should eat them seeing that they are so many calories. Anyways, a little frustrating.

The good thing is that I have already purchased the other two items and have them already wrapped on my table and ready to go. The $4 item is a fragrence diffuser in her favorite scent that I got at Walmart and then the $10 item is the new 2010 Christian WOW CD. With a coupon it was on $10 which I think was a great deal for two cd's.

It is now tomorrow so it must be time for sleeping. Write to you soon.

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