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Hi, my name is Angela and welcome to my blog. This is a place where I write about my life in an honest and open way.

I am 36 years old, single, and a Christian. God gave me a heart to work with children and so I spend my day teaching kindergarten. It is my fourth year teaching and although it is hard I love it. I currently go to a college for my BA in Elementary Education which keeps me busy. Between work and school there is not much time left but I enjoy serving and helping others, watching netflix, or reading a good book.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year Awaits

I have started this blog many times both in my head and typing it out. I am trying to make my words sound pretty or poetic. That if I just say what I want to say in the right way people won't judge me. So here I am at 10:55 on New Years Eve finally making this post. What changed? Well, I am at home sick and nothing to watch on tv and so I picked a movie. I picked One Night With The King. If you haven't seen it, and your a girl, I totally recommend it. I love it. I have seen it like a million times. But I am a total romantic plus it's a story from the bible (with lots added in) so that makes it even better. I was watching Esther as she is plucked out of her home to go be a candidate to be the next Queen. She goes through scary moments and alone moments and yet she is so happy. Now yes, I know that is how the writers made her. But I can totally see that she would have been like that. We, as Christians, are to reflect God and with that the joy that comes from knowing him. So seeing Esther on the screen just so happy and being herself and just trusting God to get her through reminded me that I am to do the same. I am not here to please others. I am not here to do what other people are doing or what other people expect. Sometimes it is hard to remember that. It is so easy to just go along with everyone else just because go with the flow is easier then against the flow.

So all that to say. Below are three lists that I have come up with. I will explain as I go.

A. 2012 Resolutions
   1. Read 2 books a month - Classics
   2. Watch 2 classic movie a month
   3. Weigh 240 or below
   4. Vegan - Whole Foods Plant Based Diet
   5. Caffeine Free

For number one and two I will post tomorrow on my list that I plan to read and watch. I also realize that in November with NaNoWriMo I am really busy so I will list books for Nov. but try to complete them a little early. I think I mentioned before my goal used to be 250 but I have realized that I need to lower it. I need to get past my mental block of 250 so here is the challenge. I had been listing Vegan and Caffeine free together but really they are two different challenges and so they need to be listed that way.

B. 25 days of Fast, Pray, Worship with my church
   1. Fast from all movies and television for 25 days.
       (only exception is I promised my friend we would watch Breaking Dawn)
   2. One hour dedicated time of prayer and worship
       - This is not including any time normally spent at church, i.e. services

C. To start in January
   1. Experiencing God devotional
       - This is a six week devotional that requires 30 min a day five times a week
   2. Start and exercise plan
       - Squat, Crunch, Push up
   3. Change sleep schedule
       - Wake up 7am every day - Bed by 9pm every night
       - Only exception is babysitting but still wake up at 7am

I have had this devotional book forever but have not started it due to the amount of time and devotion it actually requires. I think that this time, these 25 days is a great time to start. But obviously it is longer than 25 days so I did not want to list it under B because I don't want to quit 4 weeks into it just because I can.

Teel and Mandy have been doing this plan for I think five weeks now. There is a site that started out getting you to do 100 push ups in six weeks. It has a whole plan and you work up to the 100. Since the site originally started they have also added other challenges; 200 sit-ups, 200 squats, or 150 dips. So three times a week Teel and Mandy ask me if I want to join them and like the wimp I am I say no. Well not anymore. I plan to start this challenge myself and see how far I can go. Oh and the site does have iphone apps but why pay for an app if I can just get the info free on my computer.

Last is my change in sleep schedule. I have never been a morning person but I have always wished I was. One of the problems is that I am always waking up at different times. During the week one time, Saturday's whenever, and then Sunday's early. I read an article that said that to help you get on a schedule is to be on  the same schedule every day no matter what your plans are for the day. (Duh, right) So my earliest morning is 7 am on Sunday's so I can get to church. So I am changing my schedule to match this. I figure as long as I am in bed by 9pm then I have plenty of sleep before my 7am alarm goes off. Plus I remember back in September when I had a clean diet I had energy during the day and slept better at night.

So there it is. Ambitious? Yes! Totally! But what is that silly saying reach for the moon and if you don't make it at least you will fall among the stars. Oh and I might as well mention. People keep telling me to go back to school. I had determined the only way was if I could take classes that were two months long instead of four. I looked it up and Rio Salado offers that option. I would need financial assistance so I applied for fafsa aid for the Spring 2012 semester and it looks like I have been approved for a pell grant. So I am going to see about taking just the English 102 that I need first and then go from there. So I might go back to school but I still have to talk to someone to register so we will see.

Well now it is 11:40. I think I will head out to the living room and watch a little of the Dick Clark New Year's Eve Special. To all you out there I hope you have a wonderful, safe, happy, and blessed new year!

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