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Friday, March 30, 2012

Early Start

I was fiddling around on the internet and ended up reading more reviews about The Firm Express system that I am planning to start next week. I found some interesting things that I will mention later. One was people discussing a 4 day Kick-Start Workout calendar. I remembered seeing it but couldn't remember the details so I pulled it out of my book. It is simply doing two or three workouts in a day instead of the normal plan of one every other day. Well sure if I exercise sixty to ninety minutes a day four days in a row that better kick-start my weight loss. I said this sarcastically to myself last night. Then this morning I got up and started it.

The first video, of three today, is from cycle one by Emily Welsh her cardio video. Let me tell you that this is one of the worst work out video's I have tried. And I have seen my share. Not that it doesn't make you sweat, I was definitely sweating and my heart rate was up. The problem was with Emily. Last night when I was reading blog reviews everyone agreed that Emily does not describe anything and does really tell you before she moves on. This was completely true. I only half kept up because I have done other Firm video's and know what they call some of the moves. She does not cover form and in fact at the very end of the fourth 8 second burst of this high kick type move does she say "make sure you plant those heels." Let me say my heels were not touching the ground and I didn't back up the video to find out but I don't think any of the three girls heels were touching the ground. But even if her's were, there is nothing I can do with a comment being said as we finished the exercise. It should have been at the beginning. The other problem, huge problem in my opinion, is her back up girls. Emily states that the girl on the right is supposed to do low impact, that modified version that all video's have. The girl never does it! She just goes right along with Emily so there are points where you are supposed to be doing little hop's, I am sorry I do not hop. It is not comfortable, it is not going to happen. And I am sure other fat girls like me agree and so I look to the girl on the right, nope. No help. In fact at one point, about half way through Emily reminds us that for easier moves we should be following girl on right, camera goes to her and she tries to quickly change to the low impact but as soon as it is wide angle again she switches back! I am sorry but if she can't handle her job then FIRE HER!!! So I started just making my own modifications because I am not going to quit. I thought dealing with the shipping was bad but not keeping the same quality of video is disappointing.

Next up was the Kick Start Video (green) I started with Pump it up! The first 8 second burst is a power lunge which is jumping between right and left leg lunges. I can't do that. The next burst is in plank position jumping your legs side to side. Who do they think is doing their video? The last burst is ski side to side. This one I could modify by making it slower at least. That was only ten min so now I am on to Shortcut to Flat Abs. The first five minutes aren't bad but then there are moves that I couldn't convince my body to do. While in a reverse table position with a five pound weight on your lower abdomen I would like you to alternate lifting each leg straight into the air. I understand that some people can do these things. The problem is they are not showing any modifications and I can't think of any for them. I can say that the trainer Jennifer Ray is much better at describing exercises and telling you before you have to already be doing them. After this second video I again wonder if this is really only for people you are already strong and have been working out for awhile?

I have one more video that I will do tonight. I will see how that goes.

*I did not exercise this evening. I worked late (stayed and watched the 2nd graders play.) Then went to Denny's to get some homework done. Denny's was a bad idea, I barely got any homework done and I ate 2000 calories. My calories for breakfast and lunch were just fine why did I have to go all crazy for dinner? Grrr... No more Denny's. Ok well at least next time I will log it before I order so I know what I am getting into.

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